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Occupational Safety & Health

Why we are a member of RoSPA

Raising Awareness


RoSPA takes on the challenge of reducing fatalities to workers and members of the public - due to reportable accidents at work and work-related road crashes; reducing early deaths - due to past exposure to hazardous agents, for example asbestos, and reducing the number of working days lost - due to work-related accidents and ill health.




In the words of RoSPA


Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most your life. It is a fact, more than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year, while thousands more are maimed and millions are injured.

Businesses are ruined. Families are devastated. Children grow up without parents, parents without children.

Yet despite the scale and severity of the problem, accidents are still too often discussed with a shrug of the shoulders.

There is a pervasive belief amongst some people that accidents are somehow inevitable.






The RoSPA Safety Awards recognise and celebrate occupational health and safety achievement and provide a series of exemplars of good practice, as positive role models for other organisations to learn from and emulate.




RoSPA making the business case for Health and Safety


RoSPA believes that health and safety should be seen as part of the mainstream business agenda.

Controlling risks to health and safety goes right to the heart of operations and it cannot be achieved successfully unless it is fully integrated with all other aspects of day-to-day business practice.




Occupational Safety Advice, Information & Resources


RoSPA plays a unique role in UK Health and Safety. As an organisation that campaigns for safety change, RoSPA also provide services and support to help organisations on their own journey to become safer and healthier places in which to work.

RoSPA's occupational safety department produces a wide range of advice and information resources on all aspects of accident prevention in and around the workplace.