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Occupational Safety & Health

This two-day course provides training and development for paediatric first aid for Childminders, Nannies, Early Years Settings, and ALL Childcare Professionals.  

Our courses meet all requirements of OFSTED / EYFS and our training techniques provide learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to act effectively when required.


Paediatric First Aid at Work

Who should attend this course?

If you work within Early Years, you are required to carry out a risk assessment to identify the requirements for the number of employees, and enable employers to hold both Emergency Paediatric First Aid and the Full Paediatric First Aid Certificates.

This two-day course is conducted under the current Health and Safety Regulations for successful candidates to undertake the role of first-aiders in their respective workplace.


Course outline

To assist and help where a baby or child has the following:

* In an emergency situation and prioritise what action to take.

* Unresponsive and breathing normally.

* Unresponsive and not breathing normally.

* Who is having a seizure.

* Who is choking.

* Who is bleeding.

* Who is suffering from shock caused by severe blood loss    (hypovolemic shock)

* Who is suffering from anaphylactic shock.

* Who has had an electric shock.

* Who has burns or scalds.

* Who has a suspected fracture.

* With head, neck or back injuries.

* Who is suspected of being poisoned.

* Who has a foreign body in eyes, ears or nose.

* With an eye injury.

* Who has a bite or sting

* Who is suffering from the effects of extreme heat or cold.

* Who is having: a diabetic emergency; an asthma attack; an allergic reaction; meningitis; and/or febrile convulsions.

* Understand their role position and responsibilities of being the paediatric first aider (including appropriate contents of a first aid box and the need for recording accidents and incidents)

Course duration

Total Learning Duration: Two-days of practical paediatric first aid training.


Also included:

* Anaphylaxis training

* AED (Automated external defibrillator). (Separate certificate issued)



Course duration

Course Pricing & Booking

Assessment & Certification

Certification is dependent on individual delegates being successful during continuous course assessment.

Delegates who complete the course are awarded the Level 3 Paediatric First Aid at Work certificate, approved and certified by the CPD Certification Service.  

The certificate is valid for three years.


Please note: Under the current guidelines, it is strongly recommended that first aid trained staff attend a half-day update every 12-18 months.


The complete price of this group course is £790.00 when conducted at your venue.

Course attendance is for a group of up to 12 delegates and includes certification and a course manual.

There are no additional costs.