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New Driver Training

At 1st Choice Fleet we understand driver training costs can accumulate.

This can be a major disadvantage where a company has an employee that could benefit the company, but the employee is a non- driver without a current drivers licence.

We offer driving course packages for new prospective drivers with on-going company driver training to enable the delegate to enhance to driving test standard.


Our driver training is conducted by highly qualified registered instructors with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Ageny.

Courses are tailor made for each individual delegate with an initial test drive to assess the delegates current driving skill and road skill knowledge.


Our instructors will prepair a report of their findings of the initial test drive and advise of the best options for driver progression.



Driver Training Courses


Our courses will include the following aspects:


* Causes of accidents and collisions

* MORR (Managing Occupational Road Risks)

* How human behaviour affects driving

* Company driver responsibilities

* Dual Carriageway safety aspects

* Motorway skills

* Country road skills

* Aspects of bad weather driving


For more information on driver progression courses, call today on 01634 56 07 03




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