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Occupational Safety & Health

This one-day course provides delegates with an essential range of fire safety skills and knowledge.

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety 2005).

Level 2 Award in Fire Safety Principles

Who should attend this course?

Delegates who require an advanced understanding of fire safety principles.


Course outline

* Fire law

* Causes of workplace fires

* Fire safety precautions

* Emergency plan requirements

* Assembly point control

* Reducing the risks

* Carrying out and monitoring a fire drill

* Fire fighting procedures

* Fire extinguisher recognition and use theory

* Practical use of fire extinguishers – dependant on a suitable area

* Fire action planning

* The basics of fire risk assessment

Course duration

Total Learning Duration: One-day training of the principles of fire safety.



Course duration

Course Pricing & Booking

Assessment & Certification

Each delegate on successful completion of a multi-choice examination paper will receive the Level 2 Fire Safety Principles training certificate.  

The complete price of this group course is £450.00 when conducted at your venue.

Course attendance is for a group of up to 14 delegates and includes certification and a course manual.

There are no additional costs.