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Occupational Safety & Health

The Level 3 First Aid at Work Construction Course is taught over three days plus an online study module for delegates working or employed within the construction environment.

Candidates receive a nationally accredited certificate which is valid for a three year period.

Construction Sector First Aid at Work

Who should attend this course?

It is recommended that low risk businesses who are responsible for over 100 people should have at least one person certified in first aid at work.


Within high risk industries all first aiders should complete this course. This includes people working within:

* Construction sector

Course outline

* Construction specific​ first aid hazards/injuries​

* First Aid Priorities

* Managing Incidents

* Basic Life Support

* Examination

* Unconsciousness

* Fractures

* Common Illnesses


* Chemical Treatments

* Burns and Scalds

* Wet cementitious products

* Cement and concrete burns

* Respirable Silica

* Silicosis

* Dust Suppression and Masks

* Hygiene

* Suspension Trauma

* Traumatic wounds

* Spinal Trauma

* Avulsions

* Amputations

* Crush Injuries

* Heart Attacks

* Eye Injuries

* Control of Bleeding

* Dressings

* RIDDOR Regulations

* Recording and Reporting

* First Aid Kits

Course duration

Total Learning Duration: Three-days of practical First Aid training within the construction scope.



Course duration

Course Pricing & Booking

Assessment & Certification

Delegates receive a nationally recognised Level 3 First Aid at Work for Construction certificate, approved and certified by the CPD Certification Service. .

Certification meets HSE requirements, and the latest guidelines from the resuscitation council.


Click here for a sample of the certificate


Please note: Under the current guidelines, it is strongly recommended that first aid trained staff attend a half-day update every 12-18 months.


The complete price of this group course is £1,125.00 when conducted at your venue.

Course attendance is for a group of up to 12 delegates and includes certification and a course manual.

There are no additional costs.