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What is fleet driver training?


Fleet driver training is an important part of fleet management. Developing fleet drivers and educating them can not only increase their awareness but can also reduce accidents and the costs related, improve fuel efficiency and lower costs.


Fleet driver training is an integral component of a fleet management programme within an organisation. The fundemental aim is to eliminate or reduce risks encountered by company drivers whilst at the same time, lower fleet costs by reducing accidents, fuel costs and insurance premiums.

Your drivers represent your company on the road so creating a positive corporate image is important.




What happens on our fleet driver training courses?


Our client-focused approach to the design & delivery of your fleet driver training course.

Always working closely with each driver as well as your company.


Our Fleet Driver Trainers are experts in the field of road safety and have a proven track record of success. We help to reduce the risk to individual drivers and help in managing the stress experienced behind the wheel for many company drivers.




What is your companies “Duty of Care”?


What is your “Duty of Care”? If your company employs drivers, or has employees who frequently drive as part of their job role then your business has serious corporate responsibilities. Your company has a “duty of care” to your employees and this extends to ALL drivers of company vehicles or driving their own vehicle on behalf of the business. If you would like more information regarding responsibilities or on how we can help you significantly cut the costs of running your fleet – please get in touch.




What are the Risks?


What are the chances of your company vehicles being involved in an accident? Statistics show that 1 in every 3 road accidents involve a company vehicle.

With modern fleet driver training methods it is possible for companies to vastly reduce the number of their fleet vehicles involved in these crashes.

Our fleet driver training courses are designed to improve driver awareness and responsibility.

Assisting the fleet driver to improve their observation and hazard company car driver training perception skills will allow greater time to anticipate and react to changing hazards.

Our fleet driver training programme is designed to assist companies reduce their fuel costs with employees learning the skills to drive in a fuel efficient manner.


The primary advantage of switching to a more fuel efficient driving style is to save on fuel usage whilst reducing CO2 emissions by around a quarter! Changing how the driver uses acceleration sense, controls the accelerator and reduces sudden changes of speed are all key to success here.

Developing the skills to read the road better, to use observational links and anticipate traffic movement, all contribute to greater fuel savings.

Remember also that driving with correctly inflated tyres will make a difference – tyres that are under inflated will use more fuel.

These are just some of the foundations to conserving fuel consumption – there are a number of additional factors which can also be applied.




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